The next act lies in facts. Toward facts-based consulting: with research at the root, bringing out not the desired answer, but the necessary answer.

The DMI advantage

At DMI, our experience has accumulated from doing over 5,000 projects annually, and we also have a diverse range of research methods. Top-quality, speedy online surveys are expected as we respond to every sort of marketing challenge using these techniques to extract the most accurate, true-to- life facts about consumers.

More than 2,000,000
online research monitors total
We can provide access to the largest and highest quality online research monitor group domestically available in order to meet the client’s needs.
As a member of the Macromill Group, DMI is able to conduct research in “Yahoo! Research Monitor”, created and operated by business partner Yahoo! Japan, as well as in “Macromill Monitor”, the independently constructed internet research monitor with access to over 1,000,000 people. (More than 2,000,000 people total)
Rich research menu
We deploy an extensive array of research services that range from speedy online surveys, to large-scale research-use monitors, to online behavior log data-utilizing AccessMill, as well as qualitative surveys such as home-use tests and group interviews etc., which gather evaluations from actual use of products.
Solution services that guide the way toward resolution of challenges
We offer “DMI Original Solutions” to resolve every sort of marketing challenge.
“DMI Original Solutions” sees through to the true nature of the issue or problem and combines a “Flexible approach” with “DMI’s abundance of accumulated expertise and experience” to create new value-generating ideas and guide you toward resolution of challenges.
Strong support for overseas business expansion
We utilize our wealth of experience in survey implementation and numerous cooperating organizations’ networks to offer insight into many countries’ markets and consumers. We meet a wide range of needs, such as those related to surveys in developed nations as well as emerging nations and also those pertaining to tourists visiting Japan, which has been attracting attention in recent years.